C-SPAN Rolls Into Town

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C-SPAN Rolls Into Town

Patriot Expressions Staff

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On Tuesday, March 26 high school students had the opportunity to take a tour of the Cable Satellite Public Affairs Network (C-SPAN) media bus. C-SPAN covers politics in an unbiased manner across their three platforms — C-SPAN 1, C-SPAN 2 and C-SPAN 3 — and have done so since 1979. Students talked with representatives, Joel Bacon and Shannon Augustus, about the inner workings of the business.

After boarding the bus, students saw where interviews are held, the filming equipment used and had the chance to take part in interactive political quizzes. Students observed numerous media devices all of which provided their own unique tidbits of information. Mounted TV screens gave students access to unfiltered live government proceedings.

“I think it was a cool thing to experience. It emphasized the importance of unbiased news in the world we live in as well,” senior Cheyenne Jackson said.

The main focus of C-SPAN is to cover everything that is under the umbrella of public affairs. They do not edit material, provide commentary or show any party favoritism. They receive no funding from the government; instead, they are funded by cable and satellite companies. In addition to their many news platforms they have expanded into the digital world.

“We also have our website. This is probably the most powerful thing and most applicable thing to you all, as students,” Bacon said.

Their website provides over 248,993+ hours of content. They cover history, literature, politics and government. All of their videos can be used as primary sources, because of the fact that they are uncut, live recordings of the proceedings.

Bacon hopes the main takeaway from this experience is that C-SPAN continues to be a resource for students, whenever they need it.

“This is also a great resource if  you’re doing anything like papers, or projects or presentations. This is a primary resource, so it is not Wikipedia. You know, you can watch someone say something and then quote them directly. It is an amazing resource for all of you all,” Bacon said.

To get more in depth information on C-SPAN and see the latest in politics, check out their website: https://www.c-span.org/