New Direction for the Drama Club

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New Direction for the Drama Club

Nick Mayeux and Josh Hardy

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With the loss of the drama club sponsor, it was unclear whether or not the club would stay, or if there were going to be any plays this year. Luckily, Bobby Watkins, acting drama club sponsor and long term substitute, decided to take charge. Recently, the club put on a play called “Check Please” by Jonathan Rand.

Rand’s comedy is about the dating experiences of two main characters “Boy” and “Girl.” The plot unfolds as the two go on a multitude of quirky blind dates. From a mime to a burlap sack wearing boy, “Check Please” provides a hilarious experience for playgoers.

The small cast of 13 all performed well, with leads Matthew Cash and Mary Claire Reece dominating the stage. Both students represented their stressed characters emotions and personality.

“I say the play went really smoothly,” Matthew Cash explained. “We had our doubts at first, but we came together at the last second and we pulled it off.”

The play brought the members of the drama club together forming strong bonds. Sadly, for senior Julie Cash, this will be her last year in the drama club. Staring as a girl with multiple personalities, Julie Cash’s role brought many laughs.

“I’ve always enjoyed playing crazy characters with weird quirks but Linda was probably the craziest I’ve played. Multiple personalities that included a monkey and several others allowed me to just goof around with different accents and movements.”  Julie Cash stated.

However, this entire play would not have been possible without Watkins’ directing. Watkins took the time out of his busy schedule and stayed late to ensure the kids put on the best show they could.

“I did it because I have a love for theatre and I love the students,” Watkins exclaimed. “I wanted to make sure that they had every opportunity to express themselves in any way possible.”

Watkins is unsure if there will be another performance this school year; however, if interested in drama club, you can contact Watkins at [email protected]