Introducing the 2018-19 Homecoming Maids

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Introducing the 2018-19 Homecoming Maids

The 2018-19 homecoming maids pose together for their official photograph.

The 2018-19 homecoming maids pose together for their official photograph.

Photo By Sarah Parker

The 2018-19 homecoming maids pose together for their official photograph.

Photo By Sarah Parker

Photo By Sarah Parker

The 2018-19 homecoming maids pose together for their official photograph.

Patriot Expressions, Newspaper Staff

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What qualities should maids possess? Should they be classy? Smart? Well spoken? The ladies on the 2018 – 2019 court are all of those combined and more. Even though they are all different, these shared qualities make them a perfect combination to represent Marion.

Sydney Angela is a senior maid and is a manager of the football team and has been for six years along with her other academic commitments. This will be her second year on homecoming court. She is more than proud to represent her school and her positive attitude shows it.

“My favorite thing is the atmosphere, the personalities of everyone here,” Angela said. “I love Marion.”

This is senior maid Miniya Brown’s first time on homecoming court. She participates in choir and HOSA. She is beyond grateful to represent Marion this year.

“It’s been extremely fun being on homecoming court,” Brown said. “The experience has been great.”

Loren Davis is excited to be a senior maid and a proud patriot. This is also her second year as a homecoming maid. She was not sure she would win but was encouraged to continue by her friends and family.

“I was really excited because honestly, I didn’t think I was going to get it this year and I’m just happy to represent my school,” Davis said.

Shacorie Robinson is a patriot cheerleader and this is the second time she is a maid. Being exceptionally passionate about Marion High School, she is proud to have the honor of representing it.

“It felt amazing,” Robinson said. ”Like I never in a million years thought that my name would be called as a senior maid, but it feels good.”

For the first time, junior Rachel Gaines is a maid. It is any girl’s dream to be on homecoming court and through hard work and dedication, she finally made it. She says she is determined, but when that determination fails, she can always fall back on her peers.

“Those few times I wanted to quit, my peers and friends were there to keep me going.” Gaines stated.

Payton Holmes, a junior maid, may be somewhat shy, but that didn’t stop her from running and it will not stop her now. She wanted to be a maid before but was too shy to run. But now, however, she is ready and excited to be a homecoming maid.

“I would say my friends and family unit are what encouraged me to run, especially my grandmother.” Holmes said.

Morgan Franklin, one of four junior maids and a former blue devil, is over the moon to represent Marion. What made the moment even sweeter was Franklin thinking that she was not going to win in the first place.

“It felt so unreal because I did not think I was going to win. It feels good to know I am getting to represent my school,” Franklin expressed.

Jakeria Barr was just as shocked as her fellow junior maid, Franklin. Barr was on the fence about running, but a push from her family and classmates secured her a spot as one of the maids.

“I was shocked and excited when they announced the homecoming maids and I was one of them,” Barr boasted.

Something that sets the sophomore maids apart from the others maids is that they are best friends and going through this together.

“Kendra and Praise actually influenced me to run, and we talked about how it would be so fun that we could do it together as best friends.”

Praise White is a sophomore maid. This is her first year at the high school and she is very excited to be on homecoming court. White loves being in high school because it has given her the chance to meet new people.

“My favorite thing is being around influential and positive people on a daily basis,” White said.

Kendra Rogers is a sophomore maid and loves how tight-knit the high school community is. When going to games she can always count on the patriots to come out and show their pride.

“We show a lot of school spirit,” Rogers said. “At football games, no matter if it’s home or away, you can always see people coming out to support the Patriots.”

At first, Sophomore maid Kaiya Tucker was not confident with her chances of winning. However, with a little push from her friends she started to campaign and build up her confidence. She was ecstatic when she won.

“It lets me know I’ve been good to people,” Tucker expressed. “It makes me feel like I’ve been doing something right.”